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Confront the Discomfort Three Week Course: On-Line and In-Person

Whether we like it or not, anxiety is a normal part of life. Anxiety can also get in the way of us enjoying life. In this course you will learn how to value, recognize, and react to important anxiety warning signs, and confront the discomfort in a positive and healthy way. We will delve deeper into how to identify and manage anxiety. Each week, we will explore a new skill, approach or tool to help us better understand and cope with anxiety.

If you do not receive an email from us regarding your successful enrolment, please call us at 403-967-0473.

Confront the discomfort meets once weekly for three weeks. It is offered both online over Zoom and in-person at our Learning Centre in downtown Red Deer. Register on this website. A zoom link will be sent to you by Email. If you have any questions, or prefer to attend in person, call us at 403-967-0473. (CA-CTM)


There are no upcoming events for this course.